What is “Leadership DNA?”

Welcome to the “Leadership DNA” blog, hosted by EngagingMinds Worldwide, a leadership development consultancy actively helping customers develop conscious leaders since 2010.

In my leadership workshops I frequently highlight key dimensions of leading effectively under the heading of Leadership DNA. These ‘leading genes’ are so fundamental to being an effective leader that the related skills and mindsets cannot, in my opinion, be omitted from a serious leadership development program. Here are a few examples:

  • Mental Resilience
  • Deep Listening
  • Communicating Powerfully & Flexibly
  • Delegating Skillfully
  • Being Accountable
  • Being Courageous
  • Negotiating Respectfully
  • Leading from a Vision

There are many more examples, and, a major purpose of this blog will be to define, clarify, and illustrate the ‘genes’ of Leadership DNA which go with being a conscious leader in the Human Dimension.

If your goal is to become a more effective leader or if you are tasked with developing a leadership culture, I invite you to follow this blog and share your thoughts and experiences as we go forward.

A few things about EngagingMinds’ philosophy of developing effective leaders:

  • Leaders can definitely be developed but only if they want to develop. It takes focus, persistence, personal growth, and a real commitment to being an effective leader. We don’t believe in the ‘sheep dip’ approach.
  • There is no ‘one right way’ to lead people. And, there are many essential mind sets and skill sets that every effective leader needs to acquire and then demonstrate through their personal way of being, not by simply copying others.
  • Leading via ‘top down’ directives or ‘remote control’ is over. That model of ‘command and control’ originated in the military; it no longer works in modern organizations and has been proven to be counterproductive.
  • We believe in leading by The Three I’s: Inviting, Involving, and Inspiring. 

Inviting: Creating development opportunities for others, in a spirit of  partnership, such that people feel invited to a new possibility not just more drudgery.

Involving: Demonstrating caring for others, as people, by being involved at a personal level and at the same time involving others in the big picture of the business in meaningful ways.

Inspiring: Acting and communicating with all stakeholders in ways that are inspiring, that show the way, that provide the ‘why’ and that expand possibilities.

You are invited to find out more about Leadership DNA and contribute your thoughts, ideas and experiences. We are clear that developing conscious leaders is not an ‘event’ but a never-ending process. And, the cost of not developing conscious leaders is disengaged people who are unmotivated and seldom give their best. According to Gallup, the annual cost of low engagement runs to over US$350 Billion per year.

As such, a key mindset of effective leaders is seeing people development as an investment, not a cost. As Peter Drucker famously said “If you don’t develop your people, how do you expect to develop your business?”

Thanks so much for visiting. If you have a specific topic you would like to see addressed in this blog or questions about Leadership DNA please do let us know.


David Chard


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